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Chapter 1: Pale Horse.
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After a long long time, I finally got to work on this project. The story has been reworked repeatedly, as I found the original idea quite honestly a tad bit cliche' and silly. However, from it spawned this one, which I have already taken the time to finish writing from start to finish and plan out best as I could. The story as a whole is fairly short, and goes to 7-10 chapters, depending on how I can fit in all that I want. After all, as I have been told from a good friend and better artist, if your not having fun with it don't bother doing it. Oh, note that I have been influenced by many manga's and movies, namely my all time favorite Hellsing, Resident Evil, and so on and so forth.

Ragnarok was the Norse mythology for the Apocalypse, and you'll see several influences if you look close enough.
The story takes place several years from now, the back story being the active extremists created a mutation virus, similar to many others *like AIDS for instance to how it reacts to the body* and it indeed does turn people into what is best described as "zombies". Putting it in the largest water sources around the world, the virus spread unknown at first. The twist to this disease of sorts was, that you couldn't immediately tell who was infected. And the virus could stay hidden from days to decades, no certainty for how long it would take for the visible signs to take affect. So, soon enough paranoia was ripe. People couldn't trust their governments, and it wasn't long before most everything split up. Wars happened, and the like, but I will leave the details to the story itself. Now, three years after the infection was spread, in what used to be Seattle/Renton, the main protagonist is making his way through a dead forest and towards a nearby hold off town. Armed with two Mauser C-96 pistols, he finds himself soon surrounded by more of the infected, already in their final stages. Imagine Resident Evil meets Halo The Flood.

The story holds many morals to it, as well as characters whom are most based off my friends and people I know. Done in all pencil, my good friend Matthew fixed them up and added a little text in photoshop and helped me scan them. Also, thanks to all my friends who have helped in the brainstorming and assistance in this project, without you guys I don't think I could even get past page 1
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