'Do': sketchy stretchy Picture

Name: none(see history)
Nicknames: Do(pronounced like 'dough' for cookies)
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: The girl greatly resembles a Naga of mythology- her body appearing humanoid from the hips up, and serpentine from the hips down. The snake she closest resembles is the Dumerils boa, a snake native to her homeland. Nearly her entire body is covered in a cryptic pattern of smooth scales; the only noticable places where there are none are the undersides of her forearms and hands, as well as a patch around her navel. She has long black hair, which is normally tied back either in a low braid or ponytail. Like a snake, she has a pair of protective scales that cover her eyes and cannot blink. Her nose is little more than a pair of slits where a human's nose would be, and her tongue is long and forked. Inside her mouth, one will find six rows of teeth. The bottom jaw has two, and they are the most human-looking. The two top outter rows resemble human teeth also, but with elongated canines. The two top inner rows are snake-like, hooked teeth that point toward the back of her throat.
Personality: This girl, like the Dumerils boa, is docile and shy. She'd happily avoid contact with others if it meant avoiding trouble as well. She is gentle-natured but has little self confidence when faced with others, be they Human or Mutant. She gets stressed easily, sometimes to the point where she can't eat or drink. She enjoys being alone, surrounded by nature.
History(optional): She was born in a small village on the island nation of Madagascar. She did not 'gain' her mutant abiities. Rather, she was born with them, and they have refined as she has aged. Her mother, father, and fellow villagers loved her dearly, viewing her more as a sort of magical creature than a mutant. Still, she avoided the spotlight, often spending days on end in the jungles around her home, particularly if she knew strangers were coming to visit. Something always made her self-conscious about looking different from the others, but she didn't know what or why.
She does not have a name of her own; her whole life the others have called her 'Do', which is Malagasy for dumerils boa. Still, she is not fond of her lack of a proper name. Maybe she will find a better name, in time...
1.) Strength of the Boa- Her serpentine body is almost solid muscle, and she has few difficulties restraining an unarmed creature. Her scales are durable also, making it difficult to stop her even with a knife.
2.) Serpent's Mouth- Her senses of taste and smell are highly acute. Because of this, she has a rather 'discerning' palette and is able to tell with a fair bit of ease what went into the food she eats. The downside is that it limits her from eating most 'spicy' meals.
Crush(optional): none(I kind of doubt she'll get anyone.)
Other: English is not her first language, but that doesn't stop her from trying to speak it as best she can.
I'm not a fan of the name, as it's too simple for my tastes, but I can't seem to find any other good names.

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