Crest of the Faerie Cat Picture

This was done for the "I Would Be A" lj community-- this month's theme was 'heraldry,' which I have always found really cool... but never really found my own family's crest and it's only now that I've had a reason to do one of my own... so here goes the explanation.

the overal design adheres to the tradtional design closely, which I felt appropriate given my own ancestry and my personal draw to the era durring which heraldry was developed.

Starting at the top, we have the crest. on most traditional designs, this is usually a knight's head or something like that. I chose the sun and moon (the moon being the silver circle behind
Next is the shield itself-- again, I went with the traditional shape for the shield because it's what I felt to be appropriate. Top right is a purple rose on a field of red. Red is the traditional colour for warriors, and I felt that I could take such a colour for myself with my background in Tae Kwon Do (I have a black belt) as well as my SCA style fencing. The rose is here because it was the symbol I took for myself in my fencing days in college (it's embroidered on one of my gloves). Purple? Because it is unique, and I have always considered myself to be a unique individual.

Lower left is the trout in a field of Blue. The trout/salmon is the fish of knowledge in celtic mythology, and knowledge is something I have always treasured. He is in the field of blue not only because fishies swim in water but because blue is the colour of strength and loyalty. The shield is bound through the center with a band of silver (serenity and peace) to remind me that the ways of the warrior are tempered with knowledge (to digress, one of my sensei's stories dealt with the reason he taught both jujitsu and shiatsu-- the principal being that if you are going to know how to harm someone, you must also know how to heal them).

My guards are traditional in that there are only two of them and that they are animals. Instead of lions or dragons rampant, though, I have two cranes, facing outwards as gaurds should (what good is a guard if it's watching what it's guarding, rather than whatever might take away what it's guarding). They are white and black, yin and yang, another symbol of balance.

Finally, the motto is on a (mostly) green banner (green being another colour of loyalt, and one that I have always found myself attracted to). The motto is in Gaelic, pronounced: koy-whid fy-ahrg y-ahr na foy-deh. It means: Beware the anger of a patient man.

Originally, my motto was going to be "Daijoubu. Kitto OK" because I seem to say it a lot, and it would make for a very good motto... but I went with this one because it lept off the screen at me when I found it, saying 'use me! use me!' and I could hardly turn it down... it's also a good warning to people, for I am a very patient individual, but I'm told that I'm very scary when I finally become angry.

And there we have it! My Coat of Arms!
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