CD-Step One- First Sketch Picture

Since my computer is out of commission, I started on a project not restricted to my hard-drive and Wacom tablet.

This will end up being a resource-type of walkthrough, highlighting on character building and the process by which I create a character and finished piece of work. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I will answer as best as I can.

These Walk-Throughs or WIPs, will remain in my scraps. And I will upload them all together in one piece in my main gallery when I get my computer back and I can piece everything together.

Alright. So, onto the real comments.


First Sketch:

Notice, I did not say "rough sketch".

Everything starts with the first sketch. Your first conceptulization of your character. As you can tell, this picture sucks. And really, don't even try to say I'm being modest, it sucks. All limbs are out of porportion, hands are disporportional to eachother, arms are incorrect lengths, neck is too long, I have no clue how to properly draw a kimono, on a disporportioned body, no less. The outfit, aside from having the hime-like more layers than anyone really needs thinner than paper layers on her body, is plain and unimpressive. No thought actually went into the construction of the pose, at the most, I had a vauge idea of what I wanted it to look like.

All in all, it sucks.

But, that's not even the important start of this step, the important part is that it is started and now I have a base to work from. I have a general idea of what I want.

I should probably explain who this is in the first place....

This character is the River Goddess from my story "Onto the River" (name pending). She is the woman who created, oversees, and maintains the river. She is also the creator of the guides who take spirits across the river to the Afte-life. She is coy, permiscuous, cares about her guides and loves a good celebration.

Her personality is like the river, her mood is not the same every time you see her, even though, like the river, she is calm all the time. She likes to smoke, and the more she does, the more fog there is on the river.

Key points that I want in the finished piece:
- the beauty mark under her left eye
- fox ears
- kimono-esque dress and style (since the story itself is based off of some japanese mythology and culture)
- fuedal hime hair-cut
- "cat's eyes" aka, inside corners of the eyes pointing more down, outer corners drawn up.
- a long smoking pipe
- an unrolled scroll with asian looking (but non any distinct lettering/characters) writing
- ornate hair decorations
- full lips
- a long, smooth face
- clawed hands
-non-distinct seating

Now that I've established some kind of image of this character, I can focus on doing things right and drawing in a non... slap-dash way.

Things to think about when creating your rough draft:
- think in volume, not shape.
- use guides for EVERYTHING
- draw the body first, the clothes come second
- do general, more important things first, details will come later

Note: You may do several "first" sketches before you draw your working rough sketch.

First Sketch: [link]
Rough Sketch: [link]
Final Sketch: [link]
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Ink Digital:
Color 1 Traditional:
Color 1 Digital:
Color 2 Traditional:
Color 2 Digital:
Embellishments/Final Traditional:
Embellishments/Final Digital:
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