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Okay, so I just want to tell you a little bit about the characters. They all work at Syncteir science center.

Kathy is a semi-immortal human. She can be killed, but sooner or later she'll "reincarnate" (actually, reanimate; she likes the word "reincarnate" more) and come back to life. She's really lazy and kind of a jerk.

Andrew "Shark" is a cannibalistic businessman. For the most part, he's pretty fancy and formal and whatnot, but if someone were to start gushing blood all over the place or somehow remind him that he's hungry, they're going to be eaten.

Mercredi "Dubs" is the local emo kid. He works with Shark in the engineering sector of Syncteir, Bimon. It isn't uncommon for him to be trying to make cryptic Facebook posts about his feelings.

Danny... is a man, for starters. He's an office worker and he haaaaaaaaaaates it. He's EXTREMELY irritable, moody, whiny, complain-y, and overall not fun to be around.

Devedas is a 325-year-old shape-shifter who has four arms in this form and likes to travel (but only speaks English; he gets around by shape-shifting into something from that area's mythology). He's the guy who helped Varfolomei excape from Russia to America.

Jackie= Secretary by day, neko-girl ninja by night? What? Jackie likes creeping around town by jumping on people's rooftops and swinging around like flipping Spider-man, dressed as a ninja. Often she's mistaken for one of those niko-girls, because she normally has a cat on top of her head (she has eight of them!)

Princess is Jackie's socially-awkward teenage neighbor that Jackie is pretty sure does drugs. She has a really weird, whisper-y voice and she can't walk in a straight line to save her life. She's completely infatuated with Devedas.

Ves is a pokémon trainer who has every intention of making Dubs her boyfriend. Her Snivy, Sydivet, is a serious prankster and collects glasses. Ves does not put up with Dubs commiting "emo acts", such as trying to commit suicide, cryptic Facebook updates, or cutting. Then she just yells at him which makes him feel worse.

Becky's pretty much the local tramp. She's relatively good friends with Devedas and (unlike all of the other characters excluding Princess) she doesn't work at Syncteir. Rather she's- big surprise!- a bartender.

Kenzy is the banshee-esque spirit who compulsively stabs people. She wants to marry a different person every two seconds and stabs people who turn her down. SHE LIKES TO SCREAM REALLY LOUD and is actually Scottish, not Irish. She didn't go to Heaven when she died because she wanted to stick around with her equally Scottish boyfriend, who moved back to Scotland. As it turns out, her spirit can't leave the good old US of A, and so she "haunts" the Syncteir science center.
Also. She likes to sneak into men's houses at night and dress them in kilts. She also knows how to play the bagpipes.
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