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another imaginative tale (and a very long one to)

Baldr, the great hero and son of odin, from norse mythology (what a cliche/overused setup continuing)

Baldr's back story. Once the son of the god's, killed by the hands of his blind brother and the deceptive loki, now plunged into the netherworld, face to face with loki's daughter of treachery, hel, he began to accept his sentence in the netherworld. In the faint distance he could hear the varied screams of his wife being burned by the ravage's of hell (in which she had chosen to die to be reborn for Ragnarok, so she could be with baldr). in the heat of the moment he slayed hel and ran endlessly throughout the netherworld searching for her. After spending 1000 years searching without even a clue of finding her he was then told by one of the nefarious servant's of hel that she had fled for Odin's hall. So Baldr left the netherworld to return to his father's home, upon his arrival he had encountered Ydun, she lead him to his father's resting place in which there Baldr saw his wife's body lay wasted upon the bowel's of his father's chamber. Odin happy about his son's return went to go greet him, in the blind rage that devoured Baldr, Odin walked to his death. Baldr then went on and slayed all of the Valkyries that resided within the halls of Odin to Release the immense pot of emotion's that had been welling deep within him for his beloved. Now screaming from the pain that he had witnessed in his father's chamber's Baldr began to grab one of the Valkyries spear's, ready for a hasty death in the fortune of even seeing his wife again he was stopped by Ydun. She told him that his wife was still alive and searching for him. Now revitalized by her word's of comfort Ydun then told him that no world of our reign but midgard would take him and that his wife, Nanna, had left midgard in search of new world's. Baldr thanked Ydun for her compassion and for her telling him and left midgard in search of his love. Baldr traveled across many land's and world's searching for her endlessly, his mind in terror of the various thought's of what she could be doing and what could have happened to her, but still.. he carried on. after 2000 year's of endless searching he had met hells and uie and joined the hells clan, hells offered to always keep a watchful eye for his beloved and baldr offered his service's. to this day Baldr is still searching for nanna....or is he? read the comic and you'll find out.

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tidbit's: Baldr actually found Nanna once during his journey's but later lost her due to her being a pure ghost, they usually float off or fade off into another world without there knowing, he has changed his form various time's to appear more frightful to humans, since Baldr is a ghost and killed his father Ragnarok isn't going to happen (well in this comic at least).
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