Me... Picture

I have no idea what I'm doing...XD
And I can't draw chibis. Not even in Himaruya's style.
But yeah, this is pretty much me, along with my imaginary (and real) friends.

I didn't sketch this. At all. I just...drew. With the air-brush tool on Sai.

1) That ahoge at the back of my only there sometimes. Sometimes it's not. It disappears...much like Norway's curl.
2) You get my Iceland-esque thinking glare...because it's my facial expression for most of the time.
3) Magic floating pencil. I love fantasy books and I draw a lot. .-.
4) Wikipedia globe. Wikipedia is my lifeblood. It's my happy place. =U=
5) Penguins have long been an obsession of mine. A little kid dream of mine was to swim with the penguins.
6) Turtle, or Shell Is Cute, (Shell to everyone), is my little brother's pet turtle that I helped pay for. He's really fast. He's sleeping because...I don't.
7) Dragons. They've always been a favorite mythological creature of mine and How To Train Your Dragon just blew it all to the extreme. (Berk resembles Iceland!!) I think that movie probably had me looking north and Hetalia and a FF of mine were probably what blew my love of Iceland (land mass) to the extreme. ^^'

In all...I can see European (and Japanese) magical creatures (No others.) Canada...because he and I are in the same boat. Despite my expression, I try to please everyone, even though I know I can't. I don't care what people think about me, but I care how they feel about me. (Confusing. I don't care if they call me anything, but I do care if they get mad at me, are sad because of me, etc.) I hate to offend or hurt them physically or mentally. I feel guilty for almost everything. (Which makes me a doormat.
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