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This all takes place in the Earth Psi reality.

Among the extremely advanced Trachacan race, Loami’Kae was a ne’er-do-well. He flunked the tests in his training to become a medical practioner. Just when was about to lose hope, he was selected with around 400 others to be sent on a top-secret project. Each individual would be sent to alien worlds and report back about the inhabitants. Loami’Kae was given his own craft and successful made it to Earth. However, a cryonic chrysalis malfunction kept him in suspended animation for several centuries. When he finally did awaken, he tried to contact his homeworld of Ratrachi but since his communication devices were completely obsolete, he could not pick up anything. Fearing he crash-landed on a now-lifeless rock, he searched and found intelligent life but all were afraid of him because of obvious reasons. He finally found his way to a cave where he scrounged off of rats and bats for his sustenance. One day, he was approached by a strangely familiar humanoid. It called itself Gevurah and said that it was the ship that Loami’Kae arrived in. To prove the point, he transformed into his full ship form in front of Loami’Kae. Not seeing a point of going back to his civilization, seeing how in his time he was thought slow and now in the future he would be even more of an idiot, Loami’Kae decided to reside in his cave for the rest of his life. His ship offered him membership in something called the Griewenwaldian Royal Guard. Actually interested in this planet’s inhabitants, Loami’Kae decided to join under the codename of Drake.

Despite what he may think, Loami’Kae is quite intelligent. In fact, the only reason he does poorly is from a lack of self-esteem and inability to stand pressure. He is a polymath, excelling in philosophy, mathematics, physics, astrophysics, biology as well as having interest in the alien sport of soccer. Because of his low self-esteem, he strives to be intelligent and has the constant fear of failure.

  • Alien Physiology: Because he is an alien from a different world, he has powers and abilities different from our native human physiology including:

    • Superhuman Durability: His reptilian scales and super dense muscle and skeletal tissue allows for him to resist impact forces, high-caliber gunfire, and bombs.

    • Superhuman Strength: can lift/press 10 tons.

    • Flight: he is able to sly at subsonic speeds.

    • Razor-sharp claws and talons that can render steel.

    • Superhuman Agility

    • Superhuman Reflexes

    • Superhuman Senses

    • Fiery Breath: His body is always absorbing the sun’s solar rays during the daytime. He is able shoot concentrated amounts of solar rays as beams from his mouth.

    • Longevity: An average Trachacan can live up to 250 years.


Despite being from an extremely advanced race, Trachacans do still have bestial insticnts. However, these instincts only happen when they are in combat. Basically, their hypothalamus glands are wired to their adrenal glands and whenever confronted with danger or extreme anger, both glands flood their systems causing a very feral state.


Trachacans are not cold-blooded. They are in fact warm-blooded and even have hair, though only on the tops of their heads.

Drake chose his codename from the mythological term synonymous with dragon.

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