Blood Sister and the Nixxr Picture

I erased most of the rough sketches, and, like always, it seems to have taken away from the picture. Perhaps i'll try to color the original now that i've got it on file. Lineart looks so lonely...

Anyhow, this is Blood Sister and the Nixxer, two of the gangbangers that inhabit Neopolis, the city where most of my brainstorms take place. Having thier gang busted by the cops, or killed by rival gang members, they're on thier own to survive.

Blood Sister is a blood mage, one of those who uses the life energy stored inside the body to create subtle to outrageous effects. She can speed up the healing process, or stop it completely. On several occasions, she's transformed her own blood into physical weapons. Because you need blood as an ingredient, she took a massive risk and transplanted a heart belonging to a troll into her own chest. I won't get into detail, but it was very messy. however, the heart started beating, replenishing her own body with a slightly oozy troll blood, which, if there's any D&D nerds, Mythology buffs, or COH players out there, they know that trolls supposedly have tremendous regenerative powers. So now, she can cut herself and get as much blood as needed, which is slightly disturbing, but highly effective. She's got a strange bunch of tattoo like patterns on the sides of her face and down the sides of her body, which appeared during her recovery from surgery.

Nixxr seems to be less impressive as merely an extremely tough human being. He doesn't have any kinds of super powers, he's just a mean hooligan who will brawl on any sort of occasion. His collar is connected to his cuffs, a variation of the chains he was jailed in. When he was escaping, he used them as weapons, either choking out guards, or rolling them around his fists to throw fifty pound punches. Nixxr speaks with a slurry british accent, and enjoys spending time drinking. What makes him so dangerous is the fact that, partnered with Blood Sister, and being the focus of many of her spells, he can be empowered to be a scion of chaos. Even more so, he's more than willing to throw himself against a stronger opponent, for the challenge of a fight. He's got a strange moral code for brawling, and isnt to be taken lightly in any sense. He's got a tattoo on the back of his head of one of the many tentecled horrors of the underworld.

If anyone wants to give coloring it a try, feel free to ask. If anyone's interested in trying to draw the pair themselves, i'd be down with that, as long as you dont market them as your own creations. (of course) If you want to see a couple already done, check out TrainerBam's page, she's got a couple of mine in her commissions stack.
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