Sailor Europa Picture

About the Girl
Name: Rin Hikaze
Name Meaning: cold icy winds
Birthday: February 28 (Pisces)
Age: 17
Eyes: light blue
Hair: mid-back length wavy black
Skin: dark
Height: five foot eight inches

Likes: snow, snowboarding, shaved ice, World History, and winter
Dislikes: hot temperatures (anything above 90), bread or wheat (food allergy), Science, having her picture taken, and long roadtrips
Strong Points: leadership, teamwork, and family
Has Trouble With: breaking promises, talking issues out, and alcohol
Dream: To become a professional snowboarder (and meet Shaun White)
Occupation: high school student (junior), and part-time waitress at Starlight Diner

Personal History: Rin was born to an immigrate family, and she was adopted by a Japanese couple. She grew up Seattle, Washington, with her parents and her two siblings, her older brother and her younger sister. Her two siblings were also adopted. Rin was introduced to skiing when she was young, and snowboarding when she was seven. She took to snowboarding, and competes for her high school.

About the Senshi
Sailor Name: Sailor Europa
Realm of Influence: Senshi of the Cold
Transformation: “Europa Satellite Power!”
Transformation Item: Europa Necklace
Weapon: Javelin of Jupiter
Colors: light blue, dark blue, and gray
Attack 1: “Aerial Frost Jet!”
Attack 2: “Monsoon Beam!”
Attack 3: “Frigid Tornado!”
Team: Leader of Team Galileo (Jovian Satellites)

Guardian: Laelaps, the dog that never fails to catch her prey

Description: Sailor Europa wore the standard Team Galileo uniform. Her skirt was light blue with a gray stripe. Her front bow was gray and the jewel was dark blue. The gauntlets on top of her gloves were gray. Her choker was dark blue and had the Europa symbol which is gray. Her back bow was dark blue. The jewel on her tiara was dark blue. She wore gray ankle boots with a four inch heel to complete her ensemble.

Place in the Silver Millennium: Rin was the older half-sister of the Jovian Princess. She was the princess of the Europa, one of the satellites. She was the leader of Team Galileo – a subgroup of the Jovian Satellites – and their main job was to protect the princess. Rin hovered a little jealous towards her younger sister, who was their father's favorite and his only legitimate child. The Jovian King, like Zeus, had many lovers and fathered many children. In fact, several of the Jovian Satellites (and other Satellites) were his children. The King only acknowledged Team Galileo as his daughters, in addition to his own heiress.

Mythology: Zeus gave Europa four gifts: a necklace made by Hephaestus (blacksmith of the gods); Talos, a bronze man to act as her protector; Laelaps, a dog who never failed in hunting; and a javelin that never missed its mark.

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Sailor Moon © Naoko Takeuchi
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