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I've been thinking about this meme for a while and I finally got around to doing it. I kinda cheated in how I lumped things together, but that's how I roll XD.

1. Lake Baikal/Siberia/Russia in general - I cannot describe this part of the world without using the word "spiritual." It is one of the most amazing places on earth -- vast, lonely, beautiful, primordial. Even if I went on, I'd still never do it justice.
2. Mad Max - Sure Gibson is a raving nut, but these movies had a profound influence on my tender young psyche as a kid. Gritty post-apocalyptic future, biker gangs, leather, guns, creepy pseudo-bondage gear. What more is there to life?
3. Andrei Tarkovsky - My favorite filmmaker, who makes beautiful, beautiful movies. Once again, I can't talk about what his movies mean to me without using the word "spiritual." (Notably this happens any time Russia/Russians are involved...)
4. MC Escher - The mathematician artist. His work is thoughtful, graphic, technically precise and I could stare at it for hours. Often I do.
5. Yoji Shinkawa - Arguably Amano had an earlier influence on me, but whereas Amano does pretty boys and feathers, Shinkawa does old men and mechanics. I think that says it all XD.
6. Nirvana - I wasn't precisely a grunge kid growing up, but I was more a grunge kid than anything else. I don't often listen to Nirvana these days, but they're definitely my roots.
7. Arthur Rackham/The Ring Cycle/Nordic Mythology - Yeah, see what I did there? A little three-fer XD. Rackham's art is brilliant, I adore Wagnerian opera, and if I ever turn Pagan, I'm so worshiping Odin, bitches XDXDXD.
8. Albrecht Durer - Another mathematically-minded artist, with ridiculous skills in engraving and watercolor? Sign me up. Thus I spent hours pouring through books of his art as a kid.
9. Jean Paul Leon - One of my favorite comic artists, his line work is just mind-blowing. I like crisp, bold lines, and Leon can say so much with his.
10. The Gaslight Anthem - I've always liked music, I've always had lots of musicians I adore, but TGA is the first rock band where everything about them resonates with the core of my being. Yes, it's creepy and obsessive, but that's the only way to describe it...
11. *NorthernBanshee - Favorite artist on devArt~! She does everything, and she does everything well. I don't know how else to describe how cool anything she touches becomes!
12. Unico - First anime I ever saw and one of my favorite cartoons growing up. A baby unicorn brings happiness to all he encounters so the gods banish him to be forever alone. Go, go, gadget abandonment complex!

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