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Like everyone I have many personal heroes or franchises that have inspired my style so to show how much I appreciate them I've done an Influence Map of some of the things i love dearly.

11. Lord of the Rings: One of the greatest trilogy of books/films of all time. Everything from the characters, the worlds, the story revolving one ring to rule them all has become a cultural phenomenon and what made me fall in love with the fantasy genre.

10. Albrecht Dürer: Not only was he a genius painter but he was also a master print-maker as well. His woodcuts are illustrative and detailed so all illustrators and woodcut makers should thank him for his contribution to the Renaissance era.

9. Greek Mythology: While other kids were interested in Marvel Heroes and Power Rangers i was more intrigued by the gods, warriors and monsters of Greek Mythology. I was interested in many of the stories that were told to me in school, besides the Middle Ages the ancient Greeks are an influence in my drawing style and I hope to do more Greek related products in mind.

8. Danny Antonucci: Though I'm not big on his early stuff like "The Brothers Grunt" it's really Danny's zany drawing style that keeps me coming back to look at it. He's basically the one responsible for Ed Edd n Eddy and I thank him for that. Danny made a kid's show that was so memorable and so imaginative that it has inspired me in every piece of it's existence. I'm interested to learn more and more about Antonucci and it's all thanks to Ed Edd n Eddy.

7. Michael Foreman: Out of all the illustrators out there, there has been no one as brilliant as Michael Foreman. For 5 decades he has produced some of the most beautiful watercolour illustrations for children's literature. Whatever decade he's in Foreman has keep his unique style fresh and new and has never failed to impress. This man basically inspired me to become an illustrator I only wish to put him higher on the list.

6. Jamie Hewlett: As a Gorillaz fan I like to thank Jamie Hewlett for his cool cartoon style. From his illustrations on Tank Girl to his work with the great Damon Albarn. Hewlett's work is so nice to look at even if it can be low brow at times.

5. Eric Kincaid: From being exposed to him as a young age I have always admired the illustrations of Eric Kincaid. This man has illustrated for the company Brimax Books inspiring generations of young readers including myself. I'm ever so fascinated by how his distinctive artwork has changed over the years. Everything Kincaid touches is superb in every single way; my advice is that you should check him out for yourself.

4. Botticelli and the Renaissance Masters: Like Dürer Botticelli is one of my all time favourite artists of the Renaissance era. It's his stunning paintings and positive outlook on mythology and religion that got me into the art world. There's also Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Bosch and many more. The Renaissance era continues to be my favourite in terms of art and culture.

3. Arthur Rackham: What can I say about this man, he practically defined illustration it's self. I was immediately inspired by his work as soon as I looked at it in a book I had as a child. Rackham became known for adding a dark touch to his watercolours and has since then created many great incarnations to many great stories. Many illustrators like Michael Foreman and PJ Lynch owe a lot of gratitude to this man's work and so do I.

2. William Shakespeare: I think everybody has been inspired by the great bard himself. Whether it's tragedy, comedy or history Shakespeare has written and produced some of the greatest plays of his generation and will probably still be successful in the future. Even if people do think that he didn't write these i like to think that's a load of poppycock anyway.

My favourite plays of his are Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, The Tempest, Hamlet and so forth. Even if there some of his plays that I've haven't read or watched yet, which gives me all the more reason to check them out. Another thing is that many books I've read that were based on his works include artwork by illustrators who have shaped my sense in visual design. Anyone who has watched one or two Shakespeare's plays has been influenced by his genius which is why I plan to illustrate his works in the future.

1. Michael Jackson: Now I don't plan on being in the music industry but I thought it would be criminal not to count this man as one of my influenches. By far the greatest entertainer of all time is MJ, there's no proper words to describe how brilliant he was. His songs amazing, his moves amazing, his videos amazing. It's Michael's imagination that is an big influence in my style in different medias.

Anyone who has judged this man in any negative way should be very very ashamed of themselves I mean how could you not be moved by someone so kind hearted and so talented. I was horrified beyond belief when I heard of his passing but like every prodigy Michael Jackson will be remembered as the biggest influence in music (unlike a certain male teen singer from Canada who I'll not mention by name!)

Michael Jackson will always have a place in my heart as the man in the mirror of my influences and always will be.

So here's my influence map of everything that I love and use in my artistic style. Hope this has gave you an idea of what I'm so I hope to post more artwork to your likings.

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