Rag Seams Universe Map Picture

Hello fellow deviants, today I was bored and decided to make the map of the universe my OC, Rag Seams, lives within. Each world (or realm) holds different types of beings and creatures, most of which cause many problems for humans. Descriptions of these worlds follow:

Earth-The dimension where unremarkable, non-supernatural creatures reside and live completely mortal lives is known as Earth Realm. Humans that die here can be transferred to a few of the dimensions that follow.

Other World-Other World is an parallel dimension to Earth. Here resides the humans capable of magic and wonderful adventures children dream of. Fantastic creatures exist here from faeries to dragons. Beings of greater power than humans known as Olympians reside above this dimension as well.

Spirit World-A realm that is very hard to explain for mortals. In this realm, accessible through meditation, is where many legends of god-like beings (Kitsune, Anubis, Horus etc.) arise from.

Limbo-When souls that escape death and/or judgment, they drift to a realm known as Limbo (not to be confused with Hell's Limbo). In Limbo, souls are fueled with all of the pain and regret that they've felt in life, which pulls them down to Earth. These souls are later known as Poltergeist. These restless spirits, relatives to ghosts, reek havoc upon humans and posses them, changing them into horrible monsters featuring details known as "regrets" decorate their bodies, showing how that spirit died. These evil spirits are usually eradicated by reapers, angels, priests, or demon hunters.

Hell-Hell (also known as inferno, nether realm, pits etc.), is where the damned go after death. Sometimes, non-saved souls are pulled there by demons are Satan himself, these souls usually do not deserve damnation, but have not done enough to be saved (they can still redeem themselves). Hell is actually much more diverse than people imagine. Known places are the inferno (first place that new souls are introduced to), the Seven Crowns (populated by the Seven Princes), the pits (a prison for demons that break Hell law), Oni (sort of like a form of Eastern Asia, home to ninjas, monks, samurai, and other warriors shades become), and the Nine Circles (where people needing particular punishments are sent after entering Hell).

Underworld-Often mistaken for Hell, the Underworld is where monsters, like vampires, are truly from. The gates of Hades is were the souls of Other World go after death. Naberius, a demon in Hell, was actually born in the Underworld.

Nevaeh-Little is known of this dimension. But the oldest of angels and demons tell of a race of angels that seek revenge on Heaven, Hell, and Earth reside here. The only confirmed life here are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Purgatory-A dimension were incomplete or unfulfilled lives are usually continued. These souls are considered 'immortal', but are actually just really durable and regenerate most wounds. If truly killed, they will be sent to limbo. If they last to long here, they will become shadows (beings of darkness that hunt souls to get second chances). When their lives are complete, they are transferred to Paradise.

Olympus-The gods of Greek myths reside in Olympus. When the titans were used by God to create the cosmos, they went out of control, so they were sent to the Other World. Every other event is pretty much all of Greek mythology.

Paradise-A world (or worlds) created for saved souls (pure souls or souls that accomplished much in life for the sake of others). It depends upon each individual how this place is perceived, it is usually a place that the individual wishes for it to be.

Heaven-Angels reside in Heaven, where they make decisions, establish laws, and train younger angels or ascended humans to carry out God's will.

Deity-Deity is apparently where God might reside.

Sorry for the wall of text, but I really enjoyed writing this. I hope you guys enjoy reading this, most of it is right out of my head. Please give me any suggestions if you have any.
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