White Mist - Cast lineup Picture

This is a lineup of the character the contestants will come up against in my interactive comic, which is now called White Mist. Each character has their name and room name beneath there picture and they have an idea of what their room will be/look like when I get around to drawing the map/room concepts.

First of all are Trojan and SW.

Trojan is a person who seems to be uninterested in anything and it is hard to get him angry. However if one does get him angry he'll use his powerful legs to quickly catch up with them and his clawed fingers to quickly end a person. A person is sometimes able to hear him coming either due to the metal rings in his hair hitting each other or the annoying voice of SW who often yells at him.

SW has a human mind but is stuck in the form of a metal hair band and has been stuck upon Trojan's head for as long as he's been aware off. SW has attack ability but if he feels it necessary, he'll send a shock wave down into Trojan that will speed him up allowing him to get more hits in. SW in being stuck to Trojan for all of his life has become to despise of him and he'll take any opportunity to mock or anger Trojan.

They have a cyber room due to their names, which are well known computer viruses.

Next is Nagi, who comes across as quite a kindhearted person but despite that he is willing to do what ever it takes to cause the contestants to fail. He is a master of disguise though each character he plays is only able to be seen without the water band that he has for up to and hour at the most otherwise he’ll die. He is able to live without the band perfectly fine if underwater. When playing a character, he’ll take up a different personality though all will seem to want to help the contestants win.

His room is underwater as it’s the only place he’s able to live happily.

Next is Feronis. Feronis is an exiled member of a tribe called Lark’na; he was exiled due him being too much for the tribe members to handle. He is extremely playful, he’s extremely touchy and most of the time he is very hyper. However when needed to be he is quite a powerful warrior though he’ll often kill quickly rather than prolong his prey’s pain.

His room is a jungle as it’s where his ex. Tribe was located.

Next is Amazon who is named after the Russian female fighting force, at least that’s what it was called during the period I’ve studied. Amazon being from said force has a lot of knowledge about being on the battlefield and she’s able to handle any type of gun like a professional. She has a long temper and instead of getting angry, prefers to tease anyone who tries. When angry however she has a no nonsense way of fighting and will end her enemies quickly. When around the other cast members she’ll treat them as close family and would risk her life to protect them.

Her room is called time warp, as when she’s in it, she’ll be able to call Russian people back to life, ex. Lenin, Kornilov and Trotsky and ask for their aid in stopping the contestants.

Next is Raika, who is quite like Feronis personality wise. She enjoys life and she loves to show it. Though she gets along with all of the other cast members, she enjoys spending time with Bastet the most. Her method of fighting includes a mixture of dancing and gymnastics though she prefers not to have to fight at all.

Her room is eastern as her appearance is based of off the eastern fashion.

Lastly is Bastet. She is based off of the Egyptian goddess Bast/Bastet, which is why she has cat features. She’s often calm and collected. She won’t rise to taunts. If she’s cornered by an enemy who takes to taunting her, she’ll find them unworthy of her time and effort and will leave. She fights in a way that is like that of a cat’s, she’s able to unsheathe hidden claws in her fingers and it is extremely hard to knock her off balance.

Her room is dream as she’s based off of a Goddess/mythology. She is also able to call up difference people/creatures of mythology it doesn’t matter which religion/area they come from.
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