Teel Khaile Spit-Hunter Picture

NAME: Teel Khaile


AGE: 16

INFECTED: Spitter/Hunter

EYE COLOR: Aquamarine Blue

HAIR COLOR: Sandy brown

APPEARANCE: Teel wraps a bandage around his head and a hat on to keep his eyes preserved. He's practiced being blind so it's alright. He actually bathes, once a month. He doesn't want to be too dirty. He kinda gets OCD about it. He wears a running shirt that is red and black, of the FJK brand. And 3/4 Pants. And Spuk Shoes, also a FJK brand. He also has a bottle on a key chain whenever he has an...accidental spill.

HEIGHT: 5'9"

PERSONALITY: Teel is rash and naive. He fights when he wants, talks when he wants, and shuts up when he wants. But other than that, he's pretty chill and he won't have a problem. Unless you make one. Being the middle kid, he's the typical: moody, ignorant rebel and depressing kid.

INTERACTION WITH OTHER STUDENTS: Like I said, he's pretty chill with everyone. If some people who step out of line, he'll speak his mind. If those super "I'm nice with everyone, here take my candy cuz I'm so sweet" kind of people come by. Teel will ignore them. If they're persistent... he'll ignore them. If they're really persistent he'll talk. He likes to talk about the stars and mythology and all that crap. Usually people get bored and fall asleep. And that's why he never talks to people much.
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