OC - Kanoni the Sphinx Picture

'"So this is where my travels led me..." thought the girl as she sat down by the fountain she found near the market place of the town. The girl gave a small sigh and turned to look into the glistening waters splashing by merrily, "Three whole years of travel and still I have not found it" she thought looking at her reflection in the water, the reflection showed a woman of nearly twenty winters old with skin tanned from traveling in the hot sun all day, long grayish-black hair which fell on her back in tiny little braids, each of the braids ending with a small dark blue string to keep it in place. The woman in the reflection also had dark black eyes, as big as the night sky, eyes that used to twinkle as if really mimicking the stars of a night sky. But those stars have long since disappeared, leaving only a dark space behind them. With another small sigh the girl stood up, her long dress, made of the a fading green silk swishing on the cobbled stones of the street "At least they don't know who… or what… I am, for now" she thought as she turned and looked back into the fountain, her hooves, making a soft clip-clopping noise which sounded as if she was wearing heavy iron tipped boots, were hidden under her long dress along with a serpent tail the colour of desert sands and the two grey eagle wings which she had to tie to her back as not to show and make the people around her realize what she really was, a sphinx, a creature whose upper body was that of a human but the bottom half was that of a ram with a tail of a reptile. This sphinx had traveled for quite some time in order to find enough knowledge to in order to find a cure for the illness which nearly wiped away her whole village and had killed her sister. "Why am I even doing this?" she some-time thought "They weren't even my real family... they were just a small tribe that found me when I was small..." but that was answer enough to her questions, for if the tribe hadn't found her she would have surely been dead by now, a small girl, even if she is a mythological creature, has no chance surviving by herself in the wild. After the flash flood that killed her family she staggered through the desert for three days, drinking water out of the random cactuses on the way and eating whatever she found, until on the fourth day she collapsed. When she woke up she was being treated by a old woman who cried out in some strange language when she saw that her patient woke up, the girl, startled by the sudden noise tried to stand up and stretch her wings in order to fly away but after a second the dizziness and pain caught up with her and she fell back on the soft straw bed. Since that day when she was about five years old the tribe had taken care of her and in time she learnt their language and they in turn accepted her into their tribe and named her Kanoni, little bird.

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