When I'm Lost Picture

If you follow my tutorials, then I've talked a little bit about a reference binder that I always keep. It is full of magazine articles, fashion ads, movie reviews, research, notes, and just about anything that inspires me to create more art. I sort of condensed that and made this cool little chart. I really really suggest it to artists who sometimes find themselves at a loss and need for inspiration again. These are a few of the things that get me pumped to keep drawing.

1. Bleach-my favorite manga ever. It DOES get a little monotonous, but I read it for the characters. Tite Kubo has created such intricate characters that overlap each other so gracefully into one giant story, it feels so real. No matter how small a part, each character gets the same amount of attention into their conception and execution. Anyone who wants to be a successful storyteller should at least take note of this, even if you don't like Bleach.

2. Inuyasha-aw, it's been a long time since I just sat and watch my favorite half demon, but his story is one that helped me form Cherry Blossoms in the first place. A place where demons really exist and someone has to take them out, uh, hell yeah I'm in!

3. Mythology- by far my favorite is Roman mythology, particularly the tale of Remus and Romulus. I love the very similar Greek mythology, and the Japanese story of Izanagi and Izanami were heavy influences for the main deities of the CB world as well. Is it odd I read these books for fun? Aw well
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