Unnamed Fantasy Story Sketches Picture

Be forewarned: Now that the scanner is finally up and running, there will be many, many uploads. Okay, there will be, like, five. But they will all be on the same day.

These are characters from a currently-unnamed story I'm working on.

It takes place in a fairly traditional-fantasy style setting, shortly after a war between the countries of Ykris and IDHaNfTP (I Don't Have a Name for This Place), which is finally stopped by the smaller country of Enri (who decided to stop it because they are literally RIGHT BETWEEN the warring countries and a lot of battles ended up being on their land).

The story itself follows two young former foot soldiers, one a pure Ykrisi man who, for reasons as yet unknown, cannot go back to his home country, the other a young woman with an Enrian father and an Idhanftp-ian mother, heading to the woman's hometown.

There are also some other characters, like a supposedly mythological monster, some snake-people, a few assassins, and the Ykrisi soldier's commander (not all of whom are pictured on this sketch sheet).

Here's where the plot description ends and the actual picture explanation begins.

This was originally started to practice designing and drawing the first of the snake-people (currently named Fluffy for no real reason). You can see her in the upper left-hand corner there. And no, she's not really flat-chested; she's just a reptile. And no, she doesn't wear clothes either. Except her jewelry. She likes her jewelry. Anyway, she popped up in my head and wouldn't leave, so I guess that means she's staying.

Eventually, I ran out of things to draw about Fluffy (after drawing her, her eye [which came out quite well, if I say so myself], her face [which didn't come out as well as in the full-body picture], her ear and its many earrings, and an ugly little diagram of her skeletal structure [to keep Multimorph off my back about it]), so I started on some of the others.

The dark-haired guy is Akori, who I think I've uploaded a picture or two of before. He is very mysterious and has strange markings on his face and that's all you get to know.

The light-haired guy next to him is Zenith, the Ykrisi soldier mentioned earlier. He can't return home for some reason, but won't say why not. No matter, it will all be revealed in due time...

The dark-haired woman at the bottom is Raisa, the Enrian/Idhanftp-ian soldier, who is also the main character.

The slightly effeminate-looking man next to her is Sykra, an assassin who seems to have a fixation on Akori for spoiler-y reasons. He also has the second-prettiest hair (it's kind of orange-y) next to Akori (his is dark purple).

And then there's a little thing about how, out of the main group (Raisa, Zenith, Akori, and Fluffy), Zenith is the only one who is neither from nor has any relatives from Enri, and is not only the only blonde, but the only one with any non-dark hair color.
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