Syd Picture

Cid is my favorite Final Fantasy character, I just lurve him! *huggles* Then I realized that my character Syd (Sydney) is a lot like him, almost a fan character. But no worries, she isn't the one to glomp onto him and mug him, nawh, she is in a totally different story then he is. Here is a little bio on this peeved looking girl.

At the age of 19, Syd works, owns and manages the Hephestis Hanger, named after the greek god that made Zues's thunderbolts, and other things (will get the mythology straight, promise). Once upon a time, it was THE place to go to have anything fixed, that ran on a motor, but as the nobels bought out all of the airspace and mechanics, no one wants to go to that little hanger that did. Located in the middle of the Worlds deserts, Syd and her boys, take it upon themselves to not only repair the towns stuff, but to keep it safe from nomans, robbers and theives.
Her weapon, the gunblade, it was given to her as a gift as thanks. But unfortunitly, she can only use the blade part, since the last two personalized bullets, are now lodged in some guys ass. Not only that, she has to travel across the country to the same guy who gave her the weapon, to get the new bullets. As well, these things cost A LOT, and at the moment, she dosen't have the money to pay for it. Lucky for her, she as a seperate gun she uses just in case.
She has excellent aim when it comes to a gun, and isn't that strong when it comes to short range attacks, but she can hold her own when it comes to a fist fight. Agile and acrobatic, yet not a fast runner, so she is more likely to hold her ground instend of retreat. Has a bit of above average strength, but that is due to the fact that she is handling machinary and that heavy gunblade.
At the moment, she is working on revamping an old double decker bus, as her own personal romaing motor home fortress.

I promise there will be a more respectiable bio soon. I have not idea what she is looking at, be she dose not look amused at whatever that person is doing. Not to mention that the blue pen that I use to further mess the picture up, looks like shit in the scanner. Oh well *shurgs*
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