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For some reason, my muse has been getting excited about the second group of Knights that will be introduced later in Earthia. I think because I completed two profiles when I was bored, and now it just wants them done.

Anyway, so here they are. I finally figured out the naming system of the groups when planning these guys. You see, when I first started the story, I had subtitled it The Knights of Gaea because all the new Knights were from Earth, and the they went by the ancient name of Earth, Gaea. Now, though, I got rid of having Knights that randomly show up on planets for no reason, and thus, got rid of the reason to have the subtitle. I kept it, though, and just now validated it.

Each team of Knights gets a name from an attribute most common among them. The Knights of Gaea are primily human for the most part, with one full human and two half humans. The Knights of Order trained on Themis, whose Knight's power is Order (one of them didn't train there, though, but, like I said, most common). Now, if there wasn't a common attribute, they would take the name of their leader's power. THe Knights of Gaea should be the Knights of the Stars (Helios' power may be heat, but Helios in mythology is the sun, which is a star), and the Knights of Order would be the Knights of Memory. But whatever.

So here with have Knight Clio, Knight Themis, Knight Mnemosyne, and Knight Hypnos. Clio origianlly wasn't a part of the group, but I added her in resently just to give her a team, and realized it totally worked. While the main Knights' power focuses on contrete things; fire, earth, wind, etc., the secondary Knights' power focuses on concious things. History, Order, Memory, Sleep, all things focused on the mind. History is a stretch, but really, human's are the only creatue who has any real sense of the past, and really learning from it. Or something like that.

Anyway, Clio was added to the picture after I had inked it, so if she looks out of place, that's why.
For all curious, I do have names for them now, which I feel like sharing. Clio - Hyacinth Chysos; Themis - Odele Draga; Mnemosyne - Heulwen Mayda; Hypnos - Haken Majire.

Themis is still my fav, though, although I had to take out her wings for this.
Knight Clio/Hyacinth Chrysos ©
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