Balaur Picture

"Balaurii se nasc din serpi. Intr-o anumita zi de primavara, se strang la un loc o sumedenie de serpi, veniti de departe si mai mari si mai mici si mai tineri si mai batrani[..]Cand se apropie ziua aceea, care cade o data la 7 ani, toti serpii incep sa se nelinisteasca, nu-si mai afla locul, joaca la Luna si apoi pornesc asa, de parca ar fi chemati de un fluier vrajit[..] Atunci, pe rand, isi varsa balele intr-un loc ferit, in timp ce cel mai batran sarpe descanta un descantec, numai de el stiut. Din balele acestea, amestecate si vrajite, se formeaza o piatra scumpa, cu focuri de soare. Pentru ea se iau toti serpii la bataie[...]Cel mai tare se apropie de piatra ceea si o inghite.
Sarpele, dupa ce a inghitit piatra scumpa, invingand astfel pe toti tovarasii lui, fuge prin paduri si codri ,si, daca 7 ani de-a randul nu vede fata de om, atunci din sarpe se face balaur." -Marcel Olinescu "Mitologie Romaneasca"

"Balaur's (Dragons) are born from snakes. In a special spring day, a lot of snakes gather around, big and small, young and old[...]When that day comes, only in 7 years, all the snakes begin to unrest, dance at the Moon, and start going, as if they are summoned by a magic flute[...]Then, one at a time, they throw their spit in a hidden place, while the oldest snake chants a chant only known to him. From this spit, mixed and chanted, it formes a gem, glowing like the sun. For that gem all the snakes begin to fight eachother[...] The strongest of them all is allowed to swallow the gem.
The snake, after eating the gem, having deafeted all his enemies, fleas into the forests, and, if he doesn't see a human face for 7 years, he becomes Balaur." -Marcel Olinescu "Romanian Mythology"
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