Mark Livingston Picture

Character Bio:
Name: Mark Livingston
Age: 17
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 145 pounds
Date of Birth: March 15, 2026
Bloodtype: AB
Eyecolor: Green
Haircolor: Brown
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: small town in Virginia (US)
Current Residence: Kronobergs, Sweden
Family: Brother (Hans), Sister (Diana), Uncle (Veron), Father (Martin)-deceased, Mother (Theresa)-deceased
Temperment: open to others when comfortable, fears death, analyses everything around him, hates the rain. He holds bitter resentment towards his brother for what he had done- leaving him and Diana.
Background:Born and raised in America until the time of his parents death. Hans left the family only days before the funeral and was never seen again. Hans was a daydreamer and would go about reading all sorts of mythology and fantasy books, which is why Mark then became so serious about everything. because of the Ban that Mark possesess, we believe that he might just be one of the '5'. Is also from the elemental family of fire, where almost every child has the Ban element of fire.

Avial Status-
Member number-61,379
Room number-98B
Wing-7 slot-57
Base-Summer base
Ban Ability: multiple blades protrude from the right arm.
(after some training with Ryuu, we discover it is a whole sword stuck in his arm, which he is so far, only able to simply cover the arm with the metal from the blade alond with the smaller ones.) Is also able to freely manupulate fire itself.
Weapon-for now, his right arm (later on we try to figure out how to get it out,)
Ban Location-upper right arm
Calling- Ignite the plains of fire: Dragons breath!
Realease- Incinerate all, slice through the enemy: Dragons final roar!
Final Stage- has yet to reach.

Chosen one ability- summon

This is the Character bio for Mark Livingston from On A Whim. This is set up like a file for the Avial documentation of members. (like the member number, room # ect.) I wanted something other than a plain old bio, so I threw some other things in there.
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