Phantome Picture

These events take place in the Earth Psi reality.

Antonia is what people might call a purest. Even in a world where she and the rest of her country were of mixed races and beliefs, Antonia believed and worshipped the ancient gods of Vodou. One day, her patron deity, Baron Samedi, told him of a messenger who would ascend from the heavens and bring forth a message of war. When the being named Malie finally arrived and asked for help from the world’s governments, they refused, thinking the being was some lunatic mutant. But Antonia believed. She believed and joined the intergalactic team bent on keeping the Sostul Empire away from the Earth. She now is Phantome.

Antonia is a quiet individual. Since she is thought of as an outcast, she normally likes to keep to himself and spends her downtime reading or learning of her teammates alien cultures.

  • Unique Physiology: Due to being only half human, Antonia has several abilities including:

    • Mind Control: She is able to force others to do what he wants them to via vocal commands.

    • Teleportation

  • Martial Arts: Antonia was trained in several martial arts but particularly excels at savate, of which she is a master.

  • Acrobatics: Thanks to a combination of parkour training and formal training, Antonia is a Olympic level gymnast.

  • Banshee Belle: Before attacking, whether for intimidation or hubris, Antonia’s helmet, the Banshee Belle, emits a high-pitched whine that can cause temporary hearing loss if heard for more than 10 minutes.

  • Vodoun Blade: A quasi-mystical blade that glows with bright green energy, the blade enhances Antonia’s physical attributes but not to superhuman level. The blade was given to Antonia by a messenger of Baron Samedi to help defend the earth.

  • Weakness:

    • If Antonia can’t speak, she can’t utter a vocal command to hypnotize people.

    • If the person is strong-willed enough, they can resist her words.

Phantome is the name of a legendary ghost like entity in Carribean mythology.

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