Design - True Tellus Soldiers Picture

Some designs I whipped up for the original version of Elemental Spirits. I wasn't originally going to include them in the story, but found a place for them, because I do like the characters.

Like the other senshi, I changed the names of these guys, as well of their powers. Because, unlike their elemental counterparts, I couldn't find good names for them. I think you can tell who used to be who, though.

Aether is Nicole Papadapolus, or rather, Nicki Pace, since her name is too hard to pronounce. She is a movie/television star who happens to be working on a TV series right now. She lives in New York, and, due to her acting schedule, is in fact able to attend school most of the time. As Aether, she has power over Light. Aether, in mythology, is the brother of Hemera, and represents the pure air in the upper atmosphere, and can also be viewed as the spirit of the planet. I didn't want to name her after the new planet name (Tellus), because that would be weird running around named after a planet. At least in this universe. She has a 'guardian' cat who revealed her destiny to her and the others names Magus (who used to be Mahou, and used to be grey and black. I like the browns better.)

Hemera is Melissa Sampson, one of the best friends of Nicki. She is unremarkable at best, but she has this rose-colored view of the world. Hemera is the goddess of day, and that seemed to suit Melissa's personality. I like her design the best here.

Nyx is Elisa Andersen, the other best friend of Nicki. She's is the most protective of her actress friend, and is a pessimist. Nyx, duh, is the goddess of the Night, and I had chosen her after I chose Hemera because they matched. Her design is mostly the same, because I happened to like her design from the senshi version.

The uniform is like the old version in that its different and yet the same as the elemental one. For the same reasons. These three (I need a team name) are the original soldiers of Tellus, and the priestesses made soldier forms for themselves after being reincarnated, modeling the uniform off of this you, and yet, making if their own. I think this one's pretty, though.
My plan for these guys is to introduce them into the story somewhat early, and them have them pop in every now and then. Not main characters, but major characters. I don't know how long exactly I'm making this version of the story, but, um, yeah.

I had fun with this.
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