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I have an epic poem in the works and this will all make sense afterward. Meant as a visual aid.

Nine Aeons sacrificed themselves to clarify as three individual Aeons in order to shape Korinan. Read Dark Crystal influence here.

The Shaper is an entity concerned with absolute order. Best described as visual crystalline geometry. Empowering via imposing structure and order, but lends itself to strangling things with overly high expectations. Growth and free will can be inhibited to the point where life itself ceases to bloom.

The Undoer is an entity concerned with natural chaos. Best described as watery blue-grey smoke. Empowering via independence and free thought, extremely important in allowing life to flourish. But things can unravel and become chaotic to the point where negativity is allowed to coalesce.

Time is an odd entity but generally represents patience. Time sees things much differently than the other two entities and prefers to let events unfold as they may. He serves as counselor to the other two but like the other Aeons his power is only supported when all three are in balance.

The fourth remains a mystery at this point.

It should be noted that none of the Aeons can see into the future. They gifted their children with the Sight as it is something they always lacked and wanted to bestow upon their creations. They can only set pieces in place and watch things unfold.

The Shaper and Undoer went outside the original creation path to create creatures of their own: Roakha and reflections of themselves (Illuminations, Shards, Shadowmen and Spheres). The Spheres represent all other creatures under that particular Aeon's influence and there are pretty much infinite, with the capability of more being created.

So on and so forth.

This is influenced by various world mythologies as well as Brian Froud's "World of the Dark Crystal."
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