Noise Champion Picture

Well, this was a long time coming. I've been trying to work out how to draw Space Marines and actually fit them in their power armor. I will admit that I used some of the proportions from this sketch as a reference Wolf and Sister sketch, however the armor design is mostly mine.

I'm going for a very indian mythology influenced design for my warband of the Emperor's Children, the same warband that Ravana, my Noise Obliterator belongs to. This friendly man is Vritra, the Howler, the champion of the Warband's Noise Marines, though not the leader himself.


The warband of heretics that would become known as the Serpent Kings, the warlords of the Shiva system of Daemon Forges within the Eye of Terror began life as the sixth company of the Emperor's Children, known affectionately as 'Fulgrim's Fangs.' The sixth company specialized in guerrilla tactics, striking when the enemy was unprepared, and destroying them before they had a chance to retaliate. The Fangs, while well respected by Fulgrim himself, were often treated with disdain by the other Emperor's Children, because unlike them, the Fangs were not privy to the glories and accolades that usually befell the third legion.

After the Heresy took place, their leader, Captain Virgil, who renamed himself Saint Virgil the Immaculate, declared that no longer would the Fangs operate in the shadows. With Fulgrim's disappearance, the Fangs renamed themselves the Serpent Kings, restyling their armor and styling themselves as decadent, beautiful and passionate demon gods. Settling in the Shiva system, they quickly took over both the Dark Mechanicus forges and the local populace, claiming to be supernatural beings to be appeased. Their new armor, adorned with snarling demons and snakes, quickly solidified their reputation as the patron gods of Shiva.

The Serpent Kings differ greatly from other Emperor's Children warbands, in that while they do possess sonic weaponry, and use it to devastating effect, the Kings are close combat specialists, utilizing the heightened senses and reflexes that come with being a Noise Marine to dance across the battlefield, a whirling dervish of chainswords and power scimitars that is both beautiful and nightmarish to behold. The Serpent Kings perform a ballad across the battlefield, slicing limbs and opening arteries, precision and specificity valued over brute force, and all in glorious tribute to their goddess, Slaanesh.

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The Serpent Kings and all characters associated with them are (c) of me.
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