Crydramon Digivolution Line Picture

Personality: Crydramon is generally a very serious digimon. She doesn't have a lot of tolerance for those she deems 'foolish' - which, by her standerds, can mean a number of things. She is very intelligent and observant, able to pick up on things others might miss. She has a somewhat cynical view on life, generally leaning further towards pessimism than optimism. She has a kind heart at her core, though it's generally buried beneath her more serious attitude. She has a special place in her heart for singing and music.

Power Levels -
High: Intelligence
Mediocre: Attack, Endurance
Low: Speed, Defense


Fresh/Baby I-
Name: Dewmon
Name Origin: English. Dew.

In-Training/Baby II-
Name: Aquamon
Name Origin: Latin. Aqua means water.

Name: Crydramon
Name Origin: English. Cry is short for crying. Dra is short for dragon.
Type: Aquatic Reptile
Attribute: Vaccine
Special Attack: Dragon Mist - Crydramon opens her mouth and releases a cloud of mist that impairs her opponent(s)'s vision.

Name: Camimon
Name Origin: Spanish. Cami is short for caminar, which is the verb 'to sing.'
Type: Amphibian
Attribute: Vaccine
Special Attacks: Hydro Twister - Camimon gathers water around her and spins towards the opponent.
Echo Mist - She opens her mouth and fires rings of mist that confuse the opponent.

Name: Sirenmon
Name Origin: Greek Mythology. The sirens were creatures that lured sailors to their deaths at sea with beautiful songs.
Type: Aquan
Attribute: Vaccine
Special Attacks: Siren Song - Sirenmon opens her mouth and fires out shockwaves of sound at the opponent.
Silent Shark Blade - Her tail glows and she uses it to slash the opponent.
Maelstrom Echo - She sends small bursts of water from her mouth at the opponent.

Name: Shuidramon
Name Origin: Chinese and English. Shui means water. Dra is short for dragon.
Type: Aquatic Dragon
Attribute: Vaccine
Special Attacks: Dragon Trident - Shuidramon raises her tail and points the trident tip at the opponent. From each tip of the trident is shot a burst of energy that takes the form of a dragon.
Song of the Sea - She opens her mouth and shoots a stream of water strengthened by soundwaves.
Artic Maelstrom - Ice surrounds her and she impacts the opponent.
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