Baron Samedi Picture

OK new character time!

In the time of ages past, two Cthulhu deities, the Star Mother and the God of the Red Flux, met in a night of passion that resulted in the birth of a new god. However, instead of the new god living with either of his parents, it was decided that the new deity would be put on neutral ground: Earth. There this deity had his memory wiped and was placed on the island of Haiti. There, the god began performing great feats and miracles for the inhabitants who eventually saw him as a god and worshipped him, dubbing him Baron Samedi. It would be millennia before the death god would find out his true origins. However, when his parentage was revelaed, he devoted himself to making the humans the slaves of his parents as well as the other Great Old Ones and to that end, began plotting to take over the world.

The Baron is usually up to something and it is safe to assume that something is not benevolent. He is known to be quite crafty. While he has issues trusting others and vice versa, they normally listen to him due to respect for the success of his plans. He is also known to have a filthy mind, often swearing and making inappropriate jokes that no one finds funny but everyone laughs anyway for fear of what might happen if they don’t.

The Baron is immortal. He is capable of resurrection, reanimation, and necromancy. He can fire necro blasts that sap away the life of his opponents, he can turn invisible, and can even make himself untraceable by any means, including telepathy, heat signatures etc. He also uses a double-barrel shotgun for long-range attacks but prefers to use his cane. Whenever he uses his powers, his eyes glow a light purple.

The only things that could possibly be considered a weakness are his two addictions: alcohol and tobacco. Even though he is a god, he is still addicted to these two things vehemently and is never seen without a cigar in his mouth or the smell of booze on his breath.

This Baron Samedi is the one that the Haitians worshipped as a god along with the other Loa of their mythology.

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