Kumiho Concept Picture

Working on a new character. Well...sort of had a character idea/concept going in my head for a while, years actually, from scattered bits of inspiration from different places, and finally just drew them together into something somewhat solid after my most recent inspiration(pretty sure it's easy to guess what that was). Before that, it was bits and pieces that weren't quite fitting together right. Anyway, I got the idea for this character fleshed out a bit more and a basic backstory though truth be told I have no idea what I'm going to do for him just yet as far as world/setting stuff XD

I would like to say he's not a Kyuubi-no-Kitsune though, he's a Kumiho. Kitsune are japanese foxes, sharing a close mythological history with similar Chinese and Korean tales. However, the Kitsune and chinese Huli Jing are typically seen as mostly signs of good luck, and in some cases tricksters of those too prideful or molevolent. A nine-tailed Kitsune is actually a good omen and sign of luck most of the time.

The Kumiho, the Korean nine-tailed fox however, is seen as a malevolent and evil fox, which preys on humans, either preying on live men or skulking in graveyards and digging up graves of the dead, and eating their hearts and livers.

Most of the time I like to do Kitsune that are good(the exception to that being Tokoyami) but wanted to do an evil foxy this time. Don't want to give away all the character details just yet though, but probably gonna be doing art of this character some more and refining his design and what-not.

The body will probably be black or dark in color, and not sure what else I want to do on the physical features just yet. The concept of how I made the tails on here is recycled from a character I made way,way, waaaaaay a long time ago but I'm happy with it~

Probably going to name him Pogohada(포고하다) for blaze; declare; decree.

Thinking of doing a new collaborative animation project with this character, if anyone might be interested? More on that in a journal soon, most likely.

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