Mort d' Winslow Picture

This piece was originally concieved two semesters ago when I was asked what makes me persue art as a career. I put Mort d' Winslow together using a lot of symbolism that is close to me and represents me as well as using the thought of what I would leave behind when I passed away, I landed upon the idea of my legacy. I am partial to symbolism and abstract work as well as surrealism because I enjoy hearing what meanings other people put to my work, for every image has a different psycological value on each person and I like gaining a peek into the minds of others. Mort d' Winslow was a while in the making but the results speak for themselves. The detail I put into the main focus points are an idea of how passionate I was about those points.

Before reading on with the symbolisim as I place it, feel free to tell me your own ideas on them, and don't be upset if you're ideas don't match my meanings after all we are two different people.

The Symbolism:
The dragon emerging partially from an unfinished sketch represents both life through art and a task left undone.
The stub of a burning candle represents the waxing of life into extinction while the build up of wax around the flame's "crator" signifies the fullfilment of a long life.
The title on the main book translates to "The death of Winslow", the misspelling of d' with de is a fault on my part for mishearing the title of the book I was making an allusion towards "Mort d' Arthur" representing my desire to be known as a legendary figure in my own right.
The various scraps of paper with different images and writings represent a scholarly study and approach to art, while some of the phrases translate to sayings and snippits of words in other languages "Rise and fall of the Dragon" written in Latin and "Tiger" written in japanese are two examples. Tigers and dragons refere to me since they are my favorite real and mythological creature repectively.
The volume of the tome upon which the dragon sits is also another symbol towards a long life, while the destructon of the page the dragon is perched upon signifies destruction through creation. How this relates to me I shall not devulge here.
The ink well and pen are symbols of the source of wisdom and means to produce it.

I drew it using graphite pencils on a sheet of 18"x24" sketching paper and recorded it using my digital camera.
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