Wintergirl1990s Picture

You would not believe the week I have had trying to upload this full story in the remixed 2006 version of this pic.

This is a picture I painted (with acrylics) in the early 1990s. I had left university after graduating and was on the dole for nearly 3 years! So I had plenty of time to paint and draw. I saved up 10 pounds out of my unemployment benefit each fortnight to buy artist's materials and comics. I doubt I would be able to save that much today as the cost of living is much higher now than it was then.

I did lots of semi-mystical paintings of celtic goddesses and gods. I was getting into archaeology and reading lots of celtic mythology. I was also mixing with a bunch of people who had many different beliefs including christianity, magick (ritual khaos, white or black), shamanism, 20th-century-pagan, krishna and atheism. For a while I was swimming in these waters trying to decide what I believed in.

So I drew and painted and read whilst I tried (not particularly hard) to find work until I was tricked into working for the very jobcentre that signed me on. The conversation went like this:
Them :"Do you want to work for us?"
Me: "No WAY"
Them:"If you refuse this job we'll cut your benefits off anyway."
Me: "Eek!"

And so I went to work in the worst job of my life but it got better after that one. Slightly.

Anyway back to the pic - It's student quality acrylics on paper. Mum always loved it and she got it framed and it hangs in the hallway of our house back home. I always thought she was a lovely young lady in the pic but I could see many problems with it. Firstly, no references were used at all. Secondly - the colours aren't at all realistic. 3 - historically it's all over the place. Thirdly - the arms and basket are dreadful! But I like the holly, and her face, and the snow and the tree. I have no idea why one of the roundhouses on the hill is on fire - I suspect I had thought of some deep meaning at the time but it escapes me now....

So for my mum's christmas card this year I thought I would repaint it. I took a photo of the original painting you see here and therefore there is a slight glare from the glass. You will be able to compare and contrast with the remixed version which was done on the computer as I never did get on that well with real paint. Found it difficult to handle and mix. Bleh. I love my computer when it behaves.

Remix here: [link]
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