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Yup influences. Bahahaha. Tried to keep animes down to a minimum, because I’m influenced by much more than just little ‘ole Japanamation. I’ll explain but this stuff, but it’ll probably sound like an art history lecture.

Yu-Yu-Hakusho: This show. Awesome. Go watch it if you haven’t. ACTION SCENES. <3
DISNEY (Black Cauldron): <Rather than just list Disney with a regular ole Mickey I wanted to put down two movies that I particularly enjoyed and find them inspirational.> This movie scared me when I was younger with dat army. BUT IT STILL IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE SCENES EVER. [link]
Death Note: Oh come on, don’t look at me like that. I like how the faces and the bodies were drawn. And the Psychological aspects. I’m a real sucker for those things.You know that potato chip scene was the most amazing thing.
Lisa Frank (And by extension anything rainbow-y): High saturation color and rainbows~ Always a winner in my book. In particular I was fond of the dolphin set. And those adorable dogs.
Nature/Traveling: Love going to new places and just sitting in nature. So many different perspectives. There’s so many things going on that most people just overlook. [I really like looking at the bugs as they crawl across stuff like they’ve got important things to take care of in their life.]
Enya: Listen to her music. BAHAHAHA ORINOCO ROLL’D.
Imogen Heap (By extension Frou Frou): MMMM WHAT’CHA SAAAAY? lol no, I'll do sample something other than "Hide and Seek"
Enigma: Been listening to this band for over ten years. They brainwash me just as much as Enya does. <3 THIS IS MY JAM
Victorian Fashion (By extension just about anything else from that era) : Got a hoop-skirt hiding somewhere in my house. I really love the architecture and the interior decorating from the time as well. ...I think this would be considered borderline fetish. I’ve even been to a workshop explaining the etiquette of the era.
Historical Architecture: (Oak Alley. ) I love visiting plantations. So much history behind these places. And the interior decorating is so lovely.
Ancient Cultures’ Art and Mythologies and Epics (Three Minoan Women fresco): Pretty much self explanatory with the mythologies/epics: doesn’t matter where they come from, I like it all the same. Always love to see a snapshot of cultures. I really like how the Minoans built their homes and their did their frescos. Also Etruscan frescos. Here, let me quote a whole semester’s worth of art history explaining why I love this kind of stuff from culture to culture.
Bioluminescent things: I fucking LOVE glowing shit. It’s an addiction I’m proud to admit. If you’ll excuse me I’m gonna google images genetically altered bioluminescent mice now.
DISNEY AGAIN! (101 Dalmations) <Rather than just list Disney with a regular ole Mickey I wanted to put down two movies that I particularly enjoyed and find them inspirational.> Really artsy. The character designs were so great. Even loved how it translated over to live action.
NEW ORLEANS, MOTHALOVAS.: I’m from Louisiana. I love the local art and the architecture. And the people. And. SHUT UP. I SEE YOU JUDGING ME FROM BEHIND YOUR SCREEN. YOU’RE JUST JEALOUS.
Tiffany Glass: Love the bold lines and the fluidity of these things. I also have a real fondness for lamps done in this style. Mmm. Compartmentalized chunks of color. <3
Dot Hack Franchise: Welp. There’s the music. And there’s how everything’s can be told from another character’s perspective and you can get so much more information about something going on that you missed with another. I -love- stories told like that. Also, I like how even though many of the characters (intentionally) have the same design base, they’re recognizable from each other.
Toulouse-Lautrec: As a graphic-design junkie, I have to... or else his ghost would show up and make me feel horrible. But I love his poster designs. And the psychology behind this painting. <3

My god that was freaking long and it was just the abridged version of what I wanted to say AAAAAH.

I'm sorry for wasting your life like that. You must've been bored.
I wanna go to art history again. I'm having withdrawals like no one's business and it's WEIRDING ME OUT, MAN.
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