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The boy stared at the school in front of him. Not so much a school, as it was a castle. Summer would be coming to an end soon enough, and he would find himself sorted into one of the ‘houses’, walking through the halls here. He scoffed with slight dislike. This place was developed for freaks, and he would be the weirdest of them all, attending the Fifth Year class.

The way how he sat was peculiar. Almost frog-like. His hair was short, black and messy, and he had a slight scruff to go along with it. His eyes were a rich yellow in color, and his nails were long and jagged, his canine teeth exaggerated. If someone with experience revolving around ‘mythological’ creatures had examined him, they’d determine exactly what he was. Werewolf.

He’d been bit one night when he was out on his usual walks after dark. When he had fallen sickly ill, doctors concluded it might be rabies. But in a moment full of annoyance and tension, he had attacked his doctors, burst through a window and ran on without looking back.

He lived now in an old, abandoned office building, and had taken care of himself for years, until he had come across and older gentleman, who had offered to help him. The man had claimed that he was fascinated with him, and that he would be able to help him get over the struggles of being what he was. He promised to help him control the animalistic side of himself.

And he had accepted the offer, of course. The older gentleman was with him now.
“Quite the extraordinary place, Lance.” The man commented, looking at Hogwarts.

Lance eyed the man.
" Perfect. I’m extraordinary.” The arrogance in his voice could not be mistaken for anything else.

“Now, now….That’s not the attitude that will get you through this. You have to remember that Hogwarts can help you more than I can. …You do wish to control the lycan side of you, don’t you?” The man asked.

Lance felt his eyes grow wide.
“They can….help?” He asked, cocking his head like a dog trying to understand a new sound or toy.

“Oh, but of course, child!” The man exclaimed. “Wizarding school is all about helping people control their abilities. You’re just a rather unfortunate muggle-born.”

Muggle-born? He wasn’t all that familiar with any ‘terms’ that people had used to describe things within the wizard-world. He was used to the more normal life of everyday people. But he wasn’t normal. And this school wasn’t normal….Maybe…just maybe….

“Mr. O’Halleran….” Lance ventured, rising to his feet. His posture had gotten better since he met the man. He used to walk around hunched, sometimes even on all fours. But now he stood like any ‘normal’ boy. He sighed as the man looked over at him.

“When exactly do I sign up for this place?” He asked.
Mr. O’Halleran smiled. “Well….as soon as possible, I guess they would prefer. Summer’s almost over, Lance.”

Lance nodded, accepting the answer.
“Come.” Mr. O’Halleran was walking away now. “I think the Mrs. Has dinner waiting.”
With such, the two walked away from the school. But they would be returning later.


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