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My immoral and unethical character or its opposite is reflected in the mirror of you and the global brain in which seven billion and more human brains are a part of.

It’s just a matter of which side of the scale will fill up the fastest in the competitive race to be successful enough to grow up children just like us.

I think that this is because of the lack of enough positive biological connective knowledge in the global neurological network which is still evolving to manifest its intention of other ethical and moral issues around massive and profitable science in the marketing paradise of placing profit before people;
A great deal of time and money is still being used to seek relentlessly for:
1. The pill of the holy grail of longevity; so that the King Pins of us all can finally experience being the God Particle of the top of the global heap, instead of never having enough time to make it that far, before they must enter the other God Awful Place of having to bow down to some other deity just like them.
2. The God Particle of Galactic destruction, in another continental kind of accelerator, because planetary destruction is no longer fun and not scary enough to intimidate ones neighbors into bowing down and worshipping the God Awful Power of intimidation and force keeping in order to spread the right ideology across the global mindsets of everyone else.

In my opinion, the world systems that are in place to protect us and guarantee us all a healthy and safe kind of living experience on our planet of plenty for all, have become toxic and poisonous to us because of the growing immoral and unethical and greedy kinds of mindsets that are addicted to things and not people.

So how does one grow a moral and ethical generation to live and love responsibly and respectfully and nicely with all others, despite not having the examples of moral courage that teach one to grow the backbones and the will power to look away from what I want to what I need to be helpful and nice to myself and others?

Different ideologies in different cultures in different religions in different suburbs in different communities and cults and groups and cathedrals and many other inclinations of the same, have spectacularly failed to heal individual mindsets or group mindsets enough to get together in any common sense kind of sensible way of looking past the “I am right and you are wrong” mindsets of intolerance and bigotry that grows the next generation of suicide bombers and Marie Antoinette’s and many others of the same primitive nature of not having the brains to think for themselves and to create a better idea and a better way for the benefit of not just oneself but everyone else also.

Who are the parents and communities and systems that teach the kids to have victim mentalities and to count every curse instead of every blessing, in order to be as intolerant and as bigoted and as angry as they are towards any others that are different in belief or shape or color or creed or culture or ideology or mythology or psychology or religion and so on and so forth, from the day that they first draw breath.

How will those kids ever be able to grow up in the healthy and safe freedom of tapping into the potentials of their own unique musical talents and abilities and genetic make ups and body shapes and sporting potentials and psychologies and all of the many things that they need to be able to grow up wiser and nicer and more intelligent and civilized and uniquely evolved than their parents could ever be; if there is no one sane enough or rational enough to be able to undertake the massive ask of growing them up in a much nicer and kinder way, using all of the available smart technology inside the quiet time of the peace time of using all of the available smartly moral and ethical brains in all of the sciences to do so?

Every system so far in the history of mankind, has failed every child ever born because human nature is competitive and cannot get out of the rut of its own egotistical brain pattern of wanting to be the one to reach the big gold star first before anyone else.
Or wanting the best house or the best wedding or the best Olympic medal or the best degree or the best breakthrough or the best idea or god forbid, the best child; and so I can go on for many pages and pages of the same kind of insane empty searching for something that doesn’t exist and that is merely a fantastical imagining of an absolute fake mess of a lie.

• Full stop and fait accompli.

• No progress happens when the majority of the human race wishes to get back into the trees and grow a tail, instead of looking forward to a more evolved future race.

Therefore, to heal the world as we know it today, is to instill good character in ones children without enforcing ideologies upon them that have never worked since time began to drag on and on without a new idea and in so doing, guarantee the health and safety of all on a planet that is safe and healthy.

Maybe some time in the future when our brains have evolved enough to actually be able to reap the actual apple off of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, when we can all actually handle that kind of absolutely actual information, will we be able to finally reach the goal of one system that will be able to instill the morality and the ethical behavior that puts babies and children and people before profit or ideology or mythology or psychology or anything else in between their birthright to an amazing and creative and intelligent and success full of using their talents to their optimal capacity in ways that are suited to them and not to anyone else.

What an epic kind of evolution of the species that could lead to, one day, somehow, sometime, some where.
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