KJ Komix! Characters - Felinians and more Picture

OK so, I uploaded a few of these already, but I took them with my camera so the quality was poor. So since I finally got a scanner in here again, I thought I'd scan all my character portraits for real. These were ALL hand-drawn, but then shrunk down and bunched together to fit one screen. The logo was made with CorelDRAW. Eventually I'll upload each of them alone, but for now, here's a brief glimpse.

KJ Komix and the KJ-verse: In high school, when I was further developing these characters I made as a kid, I used to spell my name with a "K" to be different, and my comics went under the name KJ, after my initials at the time. I stopped spelling it with a "K" long ago, but KJ Komix just sounds catchier to me, so it stayed!
KJ Komix seeks to bridge the gaps between comic strip, comic book and maybe even manga. It's funny most of the time, but there are also intense stories involving action, science fiction, romance and more. There is ancient mythology (that I made up awhile ago) which possibly gives the origins of life in their world of Litalonia.

Felinians are cats who've evolved a more human body, as well as superpowers and abilities. These powers could be anything, and they get it when they're older during a height of emotion. Mythology states that they won a battle in the colosseum, thus getting the gods to grant them their powers, eventually allowing them to be superior as the gods themselves.

Snuzzie - Adopted by a completely different cartoony cat family (that's the twist that so far disproves the mythology), Snuzzette is the main character of KJ Komix's action/fantasy series. She's hot-headed, tough, and can really knock a person out. Her specialty is emitting fire from her hands, which she can make fireballs from.

Orius - Snuzzie's brother, formerly DoomCat, once a merc who was brainwashed into doing Lil Dread's bidding, no matter how evil it was. Now seeking redemption. He was born with one eye, but got a cybernetic eye in its place when he was abducted. His power is normally ESP, but after becoming a cyborg, he gained many more.

Tedth - anti-authority rebel or obnoxious douchebag... depends who you ask. Loves to 'board, hates cops. Loud 24/7(even in his sleep). Obeys only himself... or maybe a pretty girl. Invisibility lets him get away with anything.

Loale - Tedth's ex-girlfriend. She's super sarcastic, and hates Tedth. She's not as tough a fighter as Snuzzie, but can hold her own. Her power is to produce a holographic clone of herself that gets away with anything, but she has to sit and concentrate in a secluded area or with allies. Otherwise, she's vulnerable.

Gaire - my first gay character(just deal)! He's witty, upbeat, friendly... a little bit of a bitcah(aren't we all?). He saves Orius from a bar-fight after a big misunderstanding. His skin can glow different colors, each with a different ability and weakness.

In addition to Littlesaurs and Felinians (both tentative names), there are also many different races on the world of Litalonia. They don't all have natural powers, but likely were given some or have their own ways of fighting.

Lil Cluck / NinjaTori - Lil Cluck's a ninja chicken. That's right: Ninja. Chicken. He started out as a comedy character, but he later started kicking butt. He was trained in ninjitsu to fight Lil Dread, but captured and used in experiments. A Felinian died for Lil Dread, which gave Lil Cluck the ability to create magic.

Maria - Heavy, hairy, grizzly-voiced man-crazy woman. Madly in love with Lil Guy. And black guys..... but mostly Lil Guy. Loves rasslin', chocolate, r&b, purple and soap operas. Not bright, but knows how to be right behind you after thinking you lost her in a chase. Stinky. All you need to know. Sleep tight.

Kal Q. Laytorr - a living calculator. He's so smart he was skipped ahead 4 years, which brought him to one grade below Lil Guy. At first Lil Guy used him to score higher marks on his homework, but they became best friends later. Not sure how that's survived lately since they're hardly together now.

Mr. Toy - a rival of Lil Dread for world domination. Once a lowly gang leader, Mr. Toy grew to be head of the Mafia. Much more lawful than Lil Dread, but no less evil. Turns people to toys.

Ugapooki Waqinoogl - Ugi, here, well.... he's probably not canon, but since Lil Max thinks a rock is his girlfriend, I thought it'd be fun to see what a child would be like between the two. Of course, a rock and a living being cannot procreate together, so it's always in constant pain! He's got 3 hairs on top and 2 hairs on each side, similar to Lil Max's hairstyle.. has many characteristics of a fish (rock + humanized cartoon lizard man... do the math).. one eye sloops downward, the other hardly moves... only has one arm... Lil Max gave him the name!
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