Gino/Writer application (HH) Picture

((This is super nooby but I was litterly all over the place....sorry if I filled something out wrong. Ill change it right away if needed.))

Name: Gino Isigwena
Nick name: Writer
Age: 16
Gender: male
Date of Birth: December, 13
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Blood Type: B-
Height: 5ft 9in
Subject: Mythology
Homeroom: 2-C ((will change if needed))
Club: Tech club ((I think, if its allowed))
Sport: (none at the moment...I think)

-cheesy pick up lines
-being in the middle
-making friends
-anything spicy or bitter

-hopes being crushed
-hopeless crushes that will never happen
-being alone
-anything super sweet
-the dark
-embarrassing himself or others

Personality: Clumsy/shy/curious/easily irritated/sly/awkward

Clumsy: he will either fall or bump into someone every so often. Sadly it can sometimes end with him needing to go home because he got stabbed by a pencil

Shy: he is super shy and doesn't talk to many people because they can't seem to figure out what he's saying due to his accent. He once tried saying someone's name but completely butchered it.

Curious: he may be shy but he's quite curious on why things happen. He will usually ask a ton of questions that may get super annoying.

Easily irritated: it's simple, he may always be quiet but if you find a way to get under his skin and to certain nerves he will litterly snap...and "accidentally" stab you with scissors....on accident

Sly: he is sly and a pure pranker. Nothing to bad when it comes to this but the worst he's done is color his enemies hair hot pink. He can't be naive to save his life but he can still silently be evil like one

Awkward: just don't ask him to say your name if its super complicated...he will butcher it and then hide in a closet for three days or he may just completely try to avoid you from awkwardness.

Biography: He grew up in a small town in London, he was raised with 6 brothers and 1 sister. He usually hangs out with his sister since they are closest to age. He's the youngest in the family but one of the most determined when it comes to school and trying to figure things out. He grew a passion for stars and mythology when he secretly read his sister's book on it. His sister let him read them as long as he did her homework, which he agreed. After that his sister would bring hone her text books for him to read. When he turned around 10 he had climbed a tree but fell, luckily not very far, but enough to need to go to the doctors every so often due to him breaking a few ribs and misplacing two disk in his back. He was originally 6ft 2in but got shorter after a surgery he had to straighten his back. Around 13 his father passed away from a heart failure. After that he moved to Japan but didn't make many friends due to how awkward he could be. He continued his studies in the stars and planets when he found a library just around the corner from where he lives. At the age of 15 he had only gotten two friends, one of them being a pug named Jude. After going to the high school he hid in most corners and can't even pronounce the teachers name right.
-more to be added-

-he is vegetarian
-he has a pug named Jude and two mice named Tiny and Pablo
-he prefers to be called Writer since he doesn't like his real name
-has a tattoo of six stars and one feather on his ankle for his brothers and sister.
-he only has one real eye that he was born with, the other is a fake.

Relationships: -none at the moment-

RP info:
Style: Paragraph style

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What I do? (RP wise): almost anything ^^ though a few things I'm not that good at...

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