- One character per application sheet. -
»Alias’: (This is here in case your character has a reputation under another name or just simply goes by another name.)
»Race/Lore: (Its pretty self-explanatory. The given mythological name with a brief definition of what it is.)
»DoB: (Date of Birth, pretty self-explanatory.)
»Age: ( Agewise your character should not exceed the age of 950, This is placed as the history shouldn’t impact you or your character upon your character construction.)
»Gender: Male/Female (Unless, your character is a shapeshifter that can change their biological make-up, please select Male or Female. With that example given if your character fits the given circumstance just put their most common, used, or preferred sex. For the instance your character despises the stigma society has placed that is gender, feel free to add that to trivia AND... still select one.)
»Weight: lbs/ kg
»Height: ft/cm
»Sexual Orientation:
»Motto: (Catch phrase, saying your character believes in, or can be heard saying.)
»Alignment: Good - Neutral - Evil (Your character can deviate from their faction typical alignment.)
»Description: As this is the writers application you should already have in mind to make this character description exceptionally detailed. We need to be able to visualize what this character looks like from reading this description.

»Personality: ( You can follow suite with bullets, listing them with brief descriptions, or the option of writing a paragraph or two summarizing them. The choice is yours. Just give us a minimum of 5 personality traits/characteristics. )
»Likes: (List 5+)
»Dislikes: (List 5+)
»Fears/Phobias: (The minimum of one fear and/or phobia with a sentence explaining what it is and how they react/act when fear/phobia encroaches.)

Character History: (Please give a description to your character’s history, it doesn’t have to be anything extravagant being that the group is getting its bareings. We just ask that you would make it at least one paragraph long; there is no limit to how long you can make your character’s history. But please make sure that it seems plausible and makes some sense. Also, it doesn’t have to be their past it could be present history if you want.)

Trivia: (notes, extras, small things that makes your character more of an individual.)

Theme Song:

You may change the standard layout of the application if you want. You can add more things to it as well. However, please DO NOT remove anything unless the provided does not apply to your character or change the organization of the provided.

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