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The Atlans – The region where the story takes place. It is a land barren and deprived of almost all of its water. Its inhabitants continue to suffer under a constant drought and have realized that the average regional temperature has begun to rise with every passing year.

Ju’Hei– A far eastern country. Since the Atlans is so vast, no one has ever lived to travel or discover Ju’Hei.

Irenel – A city built on an abundance of ore mines in the Atlans. It’s guarded and fortified by numerous tamed steel and rock-type Pokemon who have taken residence in the city since the mines have been exploited. It is also one of the very few places in the Atlans that are known to have secured a premium water supply; possible through its high rate of resource exportation.

Habalis – A town found at the base of Mount Augane. It and the popularization of Kane the Fiend are known as town attractions for tourists.

Delecrois – A town infamous for its under-the-table information hub, “the Green Tavern”. It is a popular attraction amongst bounty hunters, bandits, and treasure hunters alike.

Karshoal ForestA thick forest full of black, leafless trees. It is home to both several dangerous Fire-type Pokemon and surrounds the walls of Irenel.

Giant’s Tomb– An unnaturally formed stone tomb that is said to have been sealed long ago. The front, presumed as the door to the tomb, bears an odd six dotted symbol. Only rumors may presume what secrets lie inside.

Mount Augane A mountain so massive that it can be seen from even the vast parts of the Atlans. It is said to emit a greater heat than the climate of the land itself as the mountain path bares the unpleasant sight of charred human corpses. Its name commemorates Augane Petalis, a Rainbringer who heroically stopped Kane the Fiend from eradicating the Rainbringers.

The Other Realm – A mythological plane filled with death, agony and despair of the spirits who remain unsettled from the Atlans. It is said that any living being who attempts to experience even their own existence in the Other Realm will have their soul stripped from their body. (Atmospheric Theme: Grade and Glory – BB Rights Remix)

Stories from the Atlans © Andre Bernardo / ~DreZhakari

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