Monster Picture

Yeah, STILL no paint program, and that has been stopping me working for some time. When I finally get it this account will explode with life >.>

Anyway, this drawing is a piccie of a monster I'll be using an another RP I'm planning to create shortly. It started as a doodle, but as the shading etc was added, I decided to stick it in as a deviation rather than a scrap, as I'm quite proud of it^^

I haven't decided what the race is called yet, but I'm gonna see if I can find a name from greek mythology or something. I was thinking "Gorgan", but they're the ones with snake hair, so it wouldn't really fit. The idea behind them, though, is that they are trapped deep underground in the relm of darkness, but a volcanic eruption in the world above opens a chasm into their relm, releasing them from their prison. Immeadeately they, along with other dark creatures like them, set off on a conquest of the world, eliminating all that stand before them. All the Empires fall, from the mighty Elves to the resourceful Humans and more, and eventually the survivors of the assault become a fleeing mass of refugees, running before the relentless advance, looking for their last hope of safety, the hope of Sanctuary. A place of legend, few know if it really exists, and even fewer know where it lies, but it is roumoured to be the only fortress capable of withstanding the dark hoards and beating back their destruction. In the RP, I will be playing a young Wyvern brother and sister who's mother sacrificed herself to keep them safe. They are two of the very very few who actually know the location of Sanctuary, and together with friends they meet along the way, they must get there before the advancing darkness and save the world.
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