The Verse of Sin Picture

Straying away from the current plot at hand, I decided to play around with some mythology, borrowing some aspects from the story of Eden and a few other cultures. Thus, I have developed this story:

Before the earth had any knowledge of sin, a wolf by the name of Yanisin (that means "ashamed") was born into the mortal world. At this time, the gods were the only ones in possesion of the great, sapphire flame of knowledge, and the world was one of great love and loyalty, ignorant to all things evil. Yanisin grew into a young rascal of a wolf who knew nothing other than these two things, and developed a great passion to know more. So, one night, he snuck into the realm of the gods and attempted to steal some of the blue fire for his own.

However, in a burst of sapphire light, Yanisin was burned badly, leaving throbbing blue scars all over his body. But this was not all. Following the light, a cloud of blue enveloped the world, and all things evil came with it. Awakened by the sudden, great agony of the world, the gods quickly discovered Yanisin's folly. But it was too late. The knowledge had already done its damage. His punishment took place immediately, and the wolf became an immortal being as the gods--cursed as the deity of anguish, doomed to forever spread his song of pain across the earth, awakening tragedy within us all.


Colored using (crappy) markers and oil pastels, but I kind of like this one overal. I got lazy towards the end and left a lot of stuff white with just some smudges and such, but, I have the feeling if I'd done more it would have turned out preeetty badly.

Anybody notice a color theme going on in my drawings? ;]
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