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An other of my before-afters. As I mentioned in my improvement meme [link] this is my very first manga. I started it in my first year of high school. Since that the story changed a lot, Zenu became Nikosz (that boy), and the manga became a book-to-be. This story was inspired by the Greek mythology and I really don’t want people call it a Percy Jackson copy.

I can’t believe I had the patience to draw Zanu’s hair like this XD But I like his eyes. I wanted something really original so I came up with the ‘shooting star eyes’ XD And yes, that’s a photo of the drawing *wanted to show the improvement in digitalisation* The ‘good’ old days when I didn’t have a scanner… Also that hole on the road: Since the plot takes place in Budapest, I needed to draw a pothole XD

Nikosz’s hair is more simple, eyes more standard, head and anatomy better. He also became a more complex character than Zenu. I got better with the environment (I like drawing grass like this. I know it takes a lot of time but it looks really good.), the perspectives, etc. This story will be a book series after my By the Wings of the Wind series (I hope so).

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