The Art Tiger Picture

Ahem. This is Toki (Pronounced 'Too-ki'), an anthro-animorphized(Sp?) Hawaiian gold gecko. His hair seems to be sticking up, because it's actually draping down, because of gravity.

Anyway, again I am too lazy for detailed backround nor an official character sheet, but Toki is extremely artistic... And a bit mischievous. 17 years old, if he sees something he thinks is 'wrong' in a picture, he 'fixes' it. Here, you see him clinging to the wall, upside down, painting orange dots on a painting in an art museum... He apparently thought that painting needed more orange. I pity the original artist, though look about it, I guess. That other being in the picture, is just a by-standing Zaraken krix maiden. The krix are one of my races of Zienth, and 'Zaraken' would be the place that breed comes from. Curious? Then read about Zienth at my blog.

As of his backstory, Toki is probably an anthro-animorphized gecko like he is possibly due to result of combination magics with a gecko. Which means, he may display instincts like one (Such as, possibly eating bugs, but not in public...) from time to time.

I also drew a mohawk-version of him.

I decided to put 'The Art Tiger' in Fantasy and Mythology because he comes from Zienth, my own created fantasy/medieval world, and thus would seem to fit in that catagory to me.

No re-uploading without permission, no claiming it's your's, if you use it for something please credit me, No selling at all, ect... In general, no stealing. Or Toki will paint a derp on your face while you sleep.
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