Himi's 4 forms and info Picture

I thought it my be a good idea to give information on my character Himi, so I drew four different forms and put them on this sheet.

Name: Himalayan Stargazer (aka Himi for short.)
Human Alias: Dale
True Name: Taoleo Stargazer (he hides this fact, if someone knows your true name, they can lay claim to your soul.)
Monster Species: Cat Sith, Irish witch-cat subspecies.
age: unknown (He lies about it.)
birthdate: He's a Leo, and his birthstone is peridot, so his bithday is some point in early August. (year unknown)

Powers: Shape-shifting (cat, human, and monster forms only.) Elemental magic manipulation, shadow manipulation, control over space and its dimensions. phasing (intangibility, ghosting) etc.

Weaknesses: Iron (He can't phase through an object if it's more than 50% iron.)
Lily flowers (as an essence of purity, Himi's kind, due to their base natures and chaotic lives, can't stand the presence of lily flowers, their scent, pollen, and very existence in the same place as Himi is like poison to him and can be fatal if exposure lasts over 1 hour.)


1. He's a chocoholic
2. He can handle quite a large amount of liquor without getting drunk.
3. He's a sucker for the Disney version of Beauty and the Beast (he refuses to get rid of it.)
4. He has almost every kind of mythology memorized.
5. He's scared to death of grasshoppers.
6. He smokes a pipe, but it's unknown what he smokes in it.
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