My name is Persephone, Mother, not Kore. Picture

So since I eventually plan to write a few stories with Greek mythology that take place in modern day, I wanted to make some versions of the gods that were a little more contemporary. So this is Persephone in the twenty-first century. I decided to give her a shorter pixie-cut hairstyle and made her clothes a bit darker but still retain elements of green. In modern times, while Persephone may love plants, at this point she's had quite enough of her mother's constantly making it winter whenever she goes away, after all it has been quite a few centuries, you'd think Demeter would be used to the arrangement by now. And in all honestly, Persephone actually somewhat prefers being in the Underworld with her husband Hades and their children. She pretty much spends half the year eager to go "home" (which irritates Demeter to no end). When she meets Lucy, scion of a family tasked with keeping balance between gods, monsters, and mortals, she is actually quite willing to give the heroine the information she seeks. Persephone has also grown quite accustomed to being queen of the Underworld and now has quite the air of authority about her. She also likes to tease her mother by reminding her that she is happily married with all the activities that entails between a husband and wife. I'm really happy with how this turned out actually. ^_^

Made using Azalea's Dolls Velvet Fashion game-link
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