Rose Shower Chapter 2 Picture

Rose Shower Chapter 2 (C) Me

The rain fell down on my window as I drove down the slick high-way, to get to school. Though, it was my first day, meaning I was scared, and it was a new school. I had just moved in with my Grandma at the begining of winter break, because my mom disappeared and my dad is a crackhead that can't keep a job. Lousy parents. Dumping me. I loved me Grandma's house, though. It was HUGE. And, she was rich, too. Even better.
Grandma's place was nice. I even have a few friends there. Patty the maid that helps clean the house, Pepe the cook (who was from France) , and my best friend there was Max, the guard. Max was young. Early twenty's. Cute too. But I'm not interested. Mainly because he has a girlfriend.

The art class was horrible. People say art is the best class, I agree with them, but I HATED this class. The teacher hated me and couldn't even draw. Freaking crap.
"Nelly Goodson. Come here, please." Rang a high voice. A tall woman with wiry arms, green eyes, and blond hair was waving me to come to her.
"Nelly, I'm Mrs. McKayla. I'm your history and mythology teacher this term. Please, I need you to fill this paper out. Now hurry into the class and find a seat." She handed me a couple of papers and waved me into the room.
When I got into the room, I almost died. HE was there. There in the back. Staring at me. It was Angel Boy.
His black hair was hanging down in his face, and he looked like he wanted to disappear. And the only empty seat was beside him.
"Hey, Gray!" Some kid shouted. "Coming to practice, tonight?" It was a lanky guy in a soccer jersey, walking toward him. Gray. Gray's his name. Amazing.
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