There's no such thing... Picture

This is what I call a "gaia angel", and not "gaia" as in "gaiaonline".

My religious beliefs, if I even have any, I don't really know anymore, are not as much focused on a deity it is more like a force (haha star wars for the win, no?) or energy that is in everything and gives life... the biggest source of that energy I believe is at the middle of the Earth and when a living thing dies the energy (that which many people would call the soul) that once was there returns to the huge energy source inside the earth. This energy is not a thinking mechanism and thus I will not refer to it as "God", but if I give it a name I call it "Mother Gaia"... because Gaia is in greek mythology the goddess of the earth so "Mother Earth"

The text in the drawing is danish, because I in fact am danish
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