Alpha: End of the Reign Picture

Among the dark kitsune, or nogitsune, children are a rare and precious thing. So rare that they must breed outside their own race and hope their child is blessed with their gifts. One pair of nogitsune went against the grain and became life-mates, resigned to the bitter knowledge that they would probably never have children. Much to their surprise, Kava and Omega Nikita became the parents of a son, whom they named Alpha. Like all nogitsune children, his heritage was marked by the lines on his body and his face, stripes that in time would grow thicker and darker as his power grew. Alpha however, had another strange marking. It was a small reddish birthmark in the shape of a crown, just between his shoulders. It was then discovered that Alpha carried a heavy burden and a harsh destiny.

Alpha Nikita was to lead their people into a new age, in a sense, to be their king. At a young age his powers flourished, and he was trained by the most powerful priest of their people, taught the pride of being a nogitsune. They were more than just tricksters and spirits. They were vengeful, cunning, and unforgiving. Alpha's masters tried their best to mold him into a monster, but despite their efforts he remained cool, level-headed and fair to others. It became quickly evident that Alpha was not to lead them into mastery over the other kitsune, he was to teach the young ones understanding of the other race of foxes.

In the end, that was Alpha's burden, and the cause of his terrible destiny. His efforts were met with distrust and hatred, nurtured by the long prejudice of both races. It would be many years and with much sacrifice that the seeds of understanding began to grow. Alpha lead the nogitsune for only a decade, then at the young age of 20 he was brutally murdered by his own advisors. This is an image I placed to paper in a quick sketch, depicting one of the many legendary nogitsune toward his final moment.

Alpha, copyright of S. Little and Bram Productions, Nogitsune not represented as in mythology.
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