Qama Picture

The events take place in the Earth Psi reality

There is a legend of a great woman in Middle Eastern mythology. This woman, Zarqa al Yamama, was revered by her tribe for her special abilities. However, her abilities did not keep the men of her tribe or herself from being slaughtered by an enemy tribe. Unbeknownst to all but her mother, Zarqa had conceived a child, now being raised by said mother. The child was raised and helped continue a dynasty of people with special abilities that would help their people secretly, rather than overtly. Hearing rumors, the prince (…), tracked down the last of this family line, Hazkiel Amer, with the offer of joining his personal guard for a substantial amount of money. Hazkiel agreed and has since been trained by royal swordsmen to help protect the prince.

Due to his abilities, Hazkiel has something of a superiority complex. He is often described as mean, though this is only because he has a hard time empathizing with others due to being an outsider.

Hazkiel has sever pieces of equipment as well as abilities including:

Telepathy: Hazkiel is able to read the minds and emotions of other sentient entities.

Power suit: the suit enhances his strength and durability, a cloaking invisibility device and a visor that is easily able to analyze multiple opponents.

Swordsman: Hazkiel is trained by the royal swordsman, herego, he is professionally trained with a blade, preferring to use his rather large knife.

Hazkiel is of Middle Eastern descent.

Qama is a type of European sword.

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