Messy Desktop Picture

I've been working in my comic all day, so, i felt like making a photo of my drawing table. On it, i've spread the pages to keep track on the action.

Near to the camera, i have my storyboard book of Steamboy. Otomo is truly a Master of composition, and i absolutely love the way he renders smoke, clouds, and steam... his camera angles are anything but typical, so i have him, just to take hints
Under it, there is the Inu Yasha illustration book, with all movie designs... as my inu yasha collection was at my parents' place and i had to draw japanese priest robes today, i've used it as reference (but only until i have turned to google images to get more info about shinto shrines and torii gates) at the other side of the table, i keep all my notebooks with my old designs and sketches, and only some of my illustration books... There are manga/anime art books, from masamune shirow, yoshitaka amano, katsuhiro otomo, hayao miyazaki, the capcom art book... there are too some fantasy artists, like the Hildebrandt bros., Frank Frazzetta, Brom, the Lord Of The Rings art books... and some european and american books too: hellboy art book, alex ross' Mythology, the Marvel Comics Art book... and i leave some of them out, of course...

Just that.
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