. Pandora's Box . Picture

For our Portrait-class, we were given the assignment of "Mythology".
I choose Pandora's Box, because it is a fascinating story about how early mankind already failed to live closely and nicely together. This is the story about their punishment for using fire.

Because One of the Gods told Mankind about Fire, and because Mankind misinterpreted the story and used this Fire (which was something only the Gods were allowed to use), Zeus wanted to punish Mankind.
Zeus decided to make a Half-Goddess, named Pandora.
Pandora was a beautiful woman, and every One of the Gods could give her a Quality. One of those qualities was Curiosity, one of the bad qualities of Mankind (because they were curious about the fire).

Pandora was send for Earth, together with a Box. All she knew about the Box, was that she could never open it!
But because Pandora was given the quality of Curiosity, she could not help herself.. She wanted to know what was in the Box.
So after she realized all on Earth was fine, it was a fun place to be, she thought it wouldn't hurt to look inside the Box..

When she opened the Box, she was overwhelmed by a horrible feeling. She had just released all Evil, and terrified as she was, she shut the Box almost immediately. But it was too late, Mankind was fed with Evil and only Hope was left inside the Box..

date: January 6th, 2008
location: Paterskerk, Tienen, BELGIUM
models: Jill as Pandora, Mike and Peter as Mankind
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